Holistic Partners

Holistic Key Partners

Holistic Approach applies not just for customer management strategy, it also applies to execution and delivery. Good strategies are materialized into execution phase in data-warehouse, software development, spacial data enrichment and marketing materials.  These requires specialized knowledge and we partnered with best in class partners in their field.

Perform Consulting Ltd.

Marketing Communication Strategies

Perform Consulting has accumulated several years of experience in several industries in all marketing activities supporting customer business objectives. Perform Consulting covers entire marketing & sales life-cycle from marketing strategy creation to execution. PR, Communication, Loyalty programs, media mix optimization including price negotiations, purchase and audit. Provides project management for marketing programs and execution in creative development.

Grape Solutions Plc.

Software Development

Grape Solutions is a dynamic software development company established in 2006. Grape primarily develops custom business applications for our domestic and international customers. Main focus is custom business software development, covering portal building, business intelligence and data warehouse, cloud and on professional testing services. Grape Solutions has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status in all the software development related competencies. Solutions developed by Grape are used on the domestic and the international markets. All project managers, business analysts and technical team leads have strong professional background and proved their customer focused mind, efficiency and fast adaption skills many times during system analyses, planning or implementation of systems for customers in many different types of industrial areas. Grape’s professionals are experienced delivering on iterative fix-time fix-price assignments lasting from couple of months to years. Among Grape’s customers you can find companies from different industrial areas like FMCG organizations, banks, insurance companies, airlines, VAT refund companies, EU organizations and on-line media organizations. Microsoft selected Grape Solutions Ltd. in the Central and Eastern Europe region as the only Hungarian company to be a member of BI Black Belt partner group. On global scale Grape Solutions got invited to Microsoft BI Red Carpet partner group as well which is reserved for the pick of Microsoft BI partners only.

GeoX Ltd.

Geocoding, Maps, Spatial Information

In managing process of a large amount addresses is a significant problem to unified the incorrect entered addresses. GeoX address cleansing services and reference databases help these processes. Geocoding (and forward geocoding) is the process of enriching a description of a location, most typically a postal address or place name, with geographic coordinates from spatial reference data such as building polygons, land parcels, street addresses, ZIP codes and so on. Geocoding facilitates spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systemsand Enterprise Location Intelligence systems.