About HolistiCRM

HolistiCRM has been founded by MarkTech professionals with the mission to leverage data in Marketing & Sales to increase customer experience.

Csongor Csaba Fekete

Founder, Managing Director


Csongor has been working with data driven business solutions since 1995. He graduated at ELTE University of Budapest from Mathematics – Informatics followed by IT Management graduation at Corvinus University of Budapest. He has built the first BI Competency Center in Hungary, then he led CRM and Business Intelligence teams across EMEA region at one of the world biggest banks. As CEO of Grape Solutions software development company increased team size by 6 times and revenues by 7 times. Under his leadership Grape Solutions become listed Financial Times 1000 Europe’s fastest growing companies. He founded HolistiCRM with his partner to provide AI based solutions to his clients. He implemented 100+ Machine Learning Models in various industries and rolled out CRM solutions based on Big Data Stream processing in 12+ countries.  Csongor is a proud father of one girl.

Anita Lautner

Data analyst, digital campaign expert


Ms Lautner is a data analyst and an expert in digital campaigns. She has over two decades of experience in the financial sector, having worked at Citibank from 1999 to 2017 as a business intelligence analyst in increasingly senior roles, and as a senior product manager at OTP from 2017 to 2020. At HolistiCRM she oversees digital campaign performance optimization and digital dashboard product development.

Boglárka Mázsi

Copywriter, freelance designer


Boglárka Mázsi is a product designer whose works filtrate between functional design and art. She earned her first international design award with a concrete subject, while her past years were determined by conceptual design and design thinking. She is the in-house designer of the OBAI Concrete brand and a freelance designer doing individual projects. She works with HolistiCRM since 2019 as a creative copywriter.

Our Values

Client First

Number driven

Innovative Solutions