HolistiCRM Machine Learning driven Digital Acquisition

HolistiCRM is our approach that addresses customer needs across multiple channels leveraging cutting edge marketing technology.

Holistic Customer Management

We are customer experience enthusiasts our mission is to optimize our customer’s customer experience while maximizing long term customer EBIT within their portfolio. We do data integration of internal and external sources including Big Data stream processing from social media listening tools to answer customer needs within seconds across all the channels. Once data is matched and meshed we can leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning for more precise targeting which in one hand will ensure that only relevant message and offers are reaching customers on the other hand campaign costs and benefits are optimized. For management we provide BI consultancy and tools to monitor entire marketing & sales process across customer life-cycle.

Holistic Acquisition Boost & Digital Funnel Optimization

At HolistiCRM we do help customers in better understanding digital acquisition process via connecting information from their internal systems (customer behavior from DWH) and online visitor information from their site (visitor behavior from Google). We help in setting up digital dashboards that covers entire process from advertisement, first visit till via entire customer life-cycle. However we do not define ourselves as SEO only company some of SEO tools and online ad platform tweaks are applied during our holistic, end-to-end optimization projects. During our projects we have seen 5-15 time increase in number of visitors while conversion rates are also increased by 150%-330%. Read more about digital sales optimization…

Holistic Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We help customers with applied machine learning models built into their business as usual processes. We do segmentation, customer and offer level affinity models, campaign response models across various channels and next best offer recommendation models to increase EBIT from X Sell  and customer loyalty. With our machine learning based targeting our customers reached 2-6 times higher CTR and booking rates vs control group. We do value based churn modelling to support efficient value-based retention efforts. More about how Machine Learning can improve bottom line…

Our Customers with Holistic Experience