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Business AI Solutions category winner

We are immensely honoured that in 2024, Holisticrm won the Business Champion of the Year award in the Business AI category. We would like to thank our clients, colleagues, and business partners who embraced our innovative AI solutions.
The Hungarian Business Awards is a prestigious business award aimed at domestic companies and company leaders. It was created through the merger of three former awards: the renowned Hungarian CEO Awards, the FINTECH Awards, and the WiB – Women in Business Hungary Awards.

Award of Hungarian Business AI Champion of the year
Csongor Csaba Fekete, speaker of ecommerce deparment in Business Fest
HOLISTICrm booth at Business Fest

Space Industry and Custom AI Applications in Commerce

For the first time in 2024, Business Fest dedicated a special section to e-commerce solutions, immediately inviting our Managing Director, Csaba Csongor Fekete, as a speaker. In his presentation titled “Space Industry and Custom AI Applications in Commerce,” he illustrated with specific examples how 21st-century space technology can be utilized in everyday business life through AI technology developed for unique, specialized needs.

If you missed the presentation, read about our developments here. Or ask Csaba Csongor Fekete personally!


AI in business 2024 organized by Portfolio

At the recent major conference hosted by™, our CEO, Csongor Fekete, was once again a speaker at the AI in Business 2024 conference. In his presentation, attendees learned how AI helped in customer acquisition, geographical expansion, cross-selling, and operational processes!

You could have checked out the full program on the conference website:

HolistiCRM Csongor Fekete

Retail Day 2024 conference organized by Portfolio

We had an amazing day at the Retail Day 2024 conference organized by Portfolio! The current market situation presents many challenges for retail, but AI-based solutions are highly effective tools in optimizing hyper-personalized customer recommenders and basket size. Thank you for allowing us to share our knowledge and experiences on this topic!


Adaptive Business AI Grand Prix

We’re thrilled to announce a momentous achievement for our esteemed founder, Csongor Fekete! Csongor Fekete has been honored with the prestigious EUROPEAN MILESTONE BUSINESS AWARDS 2024, securing victory in the coveted category of Adaptive Business AI Grand Prix. This remarkable recognition highlights Csongor Fekete’s visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to pioneering innovation in the realm of AI-driven businesses. His tireless efforts and groundbreaking contributions continue to propel our company to new heights of excellence.

HolistiCRM EUROPEAN MILESTONE BUSINESS AWARDS 2024 - award for Adaptive Business AI Grand Prix
HolistiCRM  Adaptive Business AI Grand Prix at European Milestone Business Awards 2024
HolistiCRM  Adaptive Business AI Grand Prix at European Milestone Business Awards 2024

PP conference

Csongor Fekete took center stage at the recent conference titled “How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business,” captivating audiences with his expertise and insights. The event, hailed as a resounding success, featured 12 esteemed presenters who shared their professional experiences and delved into the latest technological novelties shaping the business landscape. Csongor Fekete’s presentation provided invaluable guidance on leveraging AI to drive business growth and innovation, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with actionable strategies. Stay tuned for more highlights from this transformative conference!

HolistiCRM PPconference Csongor Fekete AI
HolistiCRM – Interview with Csongor Fekete at about AI

The greatest danger of artificial intelligence is humanity itself.

Thank you for the invitation from Zrt to interview our CEO, Csongor Fekete about the everyday impacts of artificial intelligence from an objective standpoint. The prevalent extreme AI news storms nowadays instill fear in many, while on the other hand, it may be that an AI breakthrough saves lives, for example by increased accuracy in imaging diagnosis. We are always glad to share our professional insights on this matter and help alleviate societal tensions around AI. In the life of companies, we make operations more efficient in numerous areas with the help of customized AI models.

Read the article in Hungarian >

Space technology and AI data analysis for business decisions

Exciting news! Csongor Fekete  shares groundbreaking insights in a recent interview with magazine. Discussing the enhancement of business and marketing effectiveness, Csongor underscores the pivotal role of artificial intelligence across diverse domains. Leveraging knowledge, data collection, and analytical prowess, AI-driven advancements and software solutions are revolutionizing corporate operations. Through structured data and technological innovation, businesses can streamline customer service, optimize logistics, and strategize within fractions of time previously unthinkable. Thanks to Hungarian ingenuity, insights from space technology now contribute to informed business decisions. Stay tuned for the full interview, unveiling the transformative potential of AI in reshaping industries and strategies.

Read the article in Hungarian >

Leveraging earth observation satellite images for financial industry


BeSpatial.AI solution leveraging AI, earth observation and sociodemographic data, as well as financial institutions’ internal data (segmentation labels) to enable financial services providers to better target digital and CRM campaigns promoting sustainable financing. BeSpatial.AI achieves this by giving a more complete understanding of specific financial attributes and risks associated with a given location through translating multi-dimensional geospatial data sources (including satellite images) into a single two-dimensional heatmap. This map will identify the locations where the best customers live and where marketing budgets should be focused. The output of our model is directly actionable by the architects of digital marketing campaigns at financial institutions as an input to the ad platforms (Facebook, Google) already in use, providing significantly better targeting for advertising.

MLConference >

AI constantly brings the excitement

Interview in Ü

We are thrilled to announce that Csongor Fekete, the visionary leader behind our company, has been featured in an exclusive interview with Ü magazine. In this illuminating conversation, Csongor Fekete delves into the intricacies of his professional journey, revealing invaluable insights into his career trajectory, learning habits, and the transformative power of AI technologies.

Ü >

Exclusive interview with FORBES magazine

What is data mining good for?

We’re excited to share that Csongor Fekete, CEO of our company, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Forbes Magazine to delve into the profound depths of data mining and its transformative potential. In this insightful conversation, Csongor Fekete passionately explored the question: “What is data mining good for?” Drawing from his wealth of expertise in the field of AI and data analytics, Csongor articulated compelling insights into how data mining drives actionable intelligence, enhances decision-making processes, and fuels innovation across industries. His visionary perspectives shed light on the unparalleled value of harnessing data to unlock hidden patterns, gain strategic insights, and drive meaningful business outcomes. >