Holistic Customer Relationship Management with Machine Learning

Boost Your Digital Performance with Holistic Machine Learning


Get your site on top of Google Page. Is it possible to jump from rank 42 to top 2 results?

AI Boosted Digital Ads

Get higher ROI on your digital campaigns with our AI supported location based targeting.

AI Driven Marketing Automation

Integrate and streamline your digital acquisition and holistic customer lifecycle management.

X-Sell Hyper Personalization

Target your customer with the product they will most likely buy. Use our AI/ML recommendation engine.

Rich Business Messaging

Get up to 17x higher engagement rates  with the right channel  Rich Business Messaging

Omni Budget Optimization

Get the most out of your marketing budget with our AI/ML campaign performance optimization.

Data to Ebit

Let your data work for your business. We will help create data strategy and execute to maximise your Ebit.

Location Analytics

Where to establish a new branch or shop? Our AI service will help you to find the best spot.

Machine Learning Boosted SEO & Organic Customer Acquisition

Boost your SEO performance. We do Keyword research based on your website and your competitor’s site looking for potential effective keywords. Machine learning algorithm selects similar phrases and we do recommend content and ad phrase changes based on effectiveness score. Our customers managed to improve their google organic ranking from 42 place to 2nd place within 3 month

Our holistic approach mimics google ranking machine learning algorithm improving all major driving factors simultaneously. For content we apply AI Content Recommendation, at the same time technical detailed tasks are created and backlink are being built. Ask your sample report.

Boost Digital PPC Ads with Machine Learning

Our BeSpatial.AI solution helps your business to focus budget to geographic area look-a-like to your best customers neighbourhood. Find your potential customers Machine Learning and Geotargeting. We worked with European Space Agency to provide you the best available models leveraging earth observation date (satellite images) and Geospatial (GeoX indexes). More than 12463 variable describes each potential neighbourhood. We can differentiate with 86% accuracy good and bad locations for B2C digital and offline ads.
We make locational marketing quick and simple for you with machine learning. It is not a rocket science anymore. Learn more about how to get your location-based marketing quick booster.

Channel and Campaign Performance Optimisation with AI

We help you to create, automate and optimize performance of your campaign portfolio both for digital ads (PPC) and across various customer lifecycle stages. We have helped multiple customers to increase their digital sales by one fold within 9 months

X-Sell Hyper personalization with Deep Learning

With our Machine learning recommendation engine we have increased open rates 2.5x times and increased Click Through Rates to 3.5x in ecommerce. We offer different models based on customer life stage.

AI recommendations Across Customer Journey

We do session based AI recommendations for new customers and session plus next best offer models for onboarded customers. Book a free appointment if you need more information about how to hyper personalize your cross-sell with machine learning.

Our machine learning solution has been presented as first AI use-case on Microsoft platform by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Channel efficiency optimization with Next Best Offer and Best Mix model

Our best mix product and customer-based machine learning model for call-centre have saved 55% call centre capacity in banking. Best Mix campaign optimization model boosted call X-sell efficiency by 40%.

Campaign Budget Optimization machine learning model

We can optimize spending not just within ads platform but with deep learning model we can optimize cross-platform campaigns budgets to maximize business benefit from the given budget. Book an appointment to learn more about performance optimization.

Rich Business Messaging across Customer Journey

We do omnichannel optimisation and integrating High performing XSell channels into the mix such as Rich Business Messaging (RBM). RBM channel has 3x higher conversion rates compared to email in app engagement. RBM has 10-17x higher engagement marketing sales campaigns. 65% increase in debt collection rates.

Machine Learning driven Location Optimization

Time to expand geographically? Should you need a new customer servicing location? Should you optimize your branch network after a merger or acquisition? 

We can help you to identify best location for a new store, new branch, new charging station, retail shop or restaurant. We have built several Machine Location optimization models for banking, retail, oil, energy, space, HoReCa sector. 

Convert your data to Ebit

We help you create holistic data acquisition and management strategy build your data lake to support your sales and marketing engine and monitoring your business performance. Track your Digital Acquisition Factory performance with Holistic Dashboard. We have experience in various industries across the EMEA region in business value driven data consolidation projects.



Machine Learning Recommendation, Next Best Offer

“HolistiCRM team has developed a set of machine learning models for Cofidis Hungary that boosted our XSell activities. They helped us in multiple projects to optimize our call center and digital channels’ efficiency. They always follow the latest digital trends and offering different solutions for our needs. Our cooperation with them in each and every project was smooth and efficient. HolistiCRM is one of our most reliable partners.”

Barbara Míves
Head of CRM & XSell – Cofidis Hungary


Repeated Success in Digital Acquisition

“I have been working with the HolistiCrm team successfully for more than six years in different organizations and industries to build a strong digital presence and acquisition across all relevant channels. HolistiCrm team is very good at building a brand form scratch in all social media channels. I get detailed analytics and recommendations what is the next biggest thing that moves the needle in the right direction.”

Hasan Kurt
Chief Development Officer – Synergy Construction


Customer Journey, SEO and CRM management

“We love working with the HolistiCrm team for several years because they can achieve spectacular results in online acquisition. We were ranked at 31st place in organic when we started our cooperation with HolistiCRM, and now we are within 1-3 google results. The vast majority of our customers – and thus our revenue – comes from digital channels today.””

Péter Vavra
Managing Director – Edelholz Kft.


Digital Customer Acquisition and Recruitment

“I really like working with you, coming up with ideas, and I appreciate your forward-thinking, flexible, problem-solving and very calm attitude.”

Mónika Sztankovits
Head Of Marketing at UNIQA insurance

HOLISTICRM-kifli-SEO-PPC-Performance-CRM-Campaigns Digital Acquisition Strategy


“In 2021, the Kifli team collaborated closely with HolistiCRM to significantly increase our daily buyer numbers and expand our user base. In just four months, we managed to quadruple our user count. The HolistiCRM team was an integral part of our journey, working hand in hand with our marketing team. They continuously fine-tuned our user acquisition strategies, optimized channels, and assisted in selecting the most effective content for various purposes. Building a startup can be a rollercoaster, but together, we achieved remarkable results. I wholeheartedly recommend Csongor Fekete and the HolistiCRM team to any company looking to implement top-notch, targeted digital campaigns.”

Makkay János
Former CEO of Kifli

Our Customers with Holistic Experience

HOLISTICRM-kifli-SEO-PPC-Performance-CRM-Campaigns Digital Acquisition Strategy


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