Which data science tool, framework, language is the best for machine learning R, Python, H20, Azure ML, TensorFlow, etc?

Different tools languages have their strength in different area. Some might fit well into on premise infrastructure some are cloud only. Some have the latest algorithms implemented others are more scalable. Some have strength in data processing, others are better for visualization.

At Holistic we select the right tool for the right task that fits customer environment keeps operationalized machine learning framework total cost of ownership at minimum level. Our data-scientists have measured different tools and methods performance.

Different tools in terms of model predictive accuracy tend to converge to each other. On the other side there are still significant differences in speed and performance. Just different implementations of R language have significant performance differences as it is shown on chart below

Machine Learning R vs R Open

Read more about Machine Learning tools usage including R vs Python trend changes base on data scientist poll here.

Bigger players in Machine Learning providers like Google, Microsoft provide multiple choice of solutions. Ivan Kosyakov article and mindmap below gives better understanding of variety of tools just from Microsoft for Machine Learning.

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