Funnel Management

Digital Acquisition funnel-management

With necessary budget you can relatively easily attract a lot of prospects to your site. However without the holistic strategy and tool-set to ensure smooth customer journey and hooks for future interactions or visits, it is most probably just a one-off visitor peak and a lot of wasted money. HolistiCRM covers all aspects of acquisition funnel management and customer life-cycle. Best approach is to work backward on the development of your acquisition funnel. First you need to find out who are your ideal customer. For some businesses, definition of good customer is straight forward such as retail or commodities. For complex services such as lending, you need to build a model leveraging machine learning to find the right balance between relatively large audience and those who can and will pay back. There is no good to invest money to lure prospects that does meet your good customer criteria. Have multiple iterations of act and learn cycles to fine tune and optimize your acquisition before a huge roll-out. Contact us to learn more on how to optimize acquisition funnel.

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